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  • Where do you sell cookies?
    Cookies will be sold at local events or farmers markets. Follow me on Instagram (el.cookie.rookie.gainesville) for updates.
  • Elder Options Orders
    If you're an Elder Options employee, orders will be dropped off on Monday mornings to your desk. If you're not available in the office on Monday, arrangements can be made to deliver your order on a different day.
  • When do you sell cookies?
    Currently, I don't have a specific day that I sell cookies. I'll be providing updates on Instagram when I do sell at local events or farmers markets. As the business grows, I'll be able to have set days and times to sell.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes. Please, email
  • What kind of ingredients do you use?
    The highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients are used. Below is a list of the brands I use. King Aurthur Flour Domino Sugar Plugra Butter Eggland's Best Eggs Nielson-Massey Vanilla Extract Quacker Oats Guittard Chocolate Local Honey Diamond Crystal Salt
  • Civil Servant Discount
    If you qualify for the Civil Servant Discount, email with proof (ID, etc.) and we will email you the discount code which can be use as many times as you want. If you are a: First responder Healthcare professional Government employee Non-profit employee Veteran or Active-Duty
  • Are you insured?
    Yes! if you have any questions, please email
  • What's a Cottage Food Vendor?
    Florida law allows individuals to use their unlicensed home kitchens to produce for sale certain foods that present a low risk of foodborne illness. Cottage food operators can produce and sell these products directly to consumers without obtaining a food permit from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Gross sales for a cottage food operation must not exceed $250,000 annually. Approved Cottage Food Products Loaf breads, rolls, biscuits Cakes, pastries and cookies Candies and confections Honey Jams, jellies and preserves Fruit pies and dried fruits Dry herbs, seasonings and mixtures Homemade pasta Cereals, trail mixes and granola Coated or uncoated nuts Vinegar and flavored vinegars Popcorn and popcorn balls Cottage Food Law Basics Cottage food operators may sell cottage food products on their website, by mail order, and direct to consumer (in person). Cottage food products cannot be sold wholesale. Cottage foods must be properly packaged and labeled. Cottage food operators can serve free samples for tasting, but the samples must be prepackaged. A cottage food operation must comply with all state or federal tax laws, rules, regulations or certificates that apply to all cottage food operations. Cottage Foods / Food Establishments / Food / Business Services / Home - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (
  • Do sell other flavors?
    Currently, I'm just selling Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip, but will expand in the future as the business grows. If you already have a recipe that you like, I would gladly make a special order as long as instructions are provided on how to prepare the dough and bake them. Please, email for more info.
  • Do you cater or bake bulk orders for parties and events?
    Yes! I would love to cater your event, celebration, party. Please, email for more details. I would need at least a week's notice, if not more depending on the size of the order.
  • What's with the colorful flag?
    If you haven't guessed, I'm Puerto Rican and part of the LGBTQIA+ community. I believe it's important show representation in everything that you do. It's not to preach or force someone to agree with my views, but to show that I'm a normal person like everyone else. That I have goals, dreams, etc. and just want to be treated like with respect and dignity.
  • Why do you donate to Working Food?
    Cooking saved me and I know that there are kids that are just looking for something to give them direction. As a former "at-risk" youth, I know the importance of having opportunities and Working Food has an amazing program offering education and training to underserved communities in the Gainesville, FL area.
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